Hall's Candies Fundraising

Hall's Candies Fundraising

Hall’s Candies was established by the Hall family in 1970 in Gillett, PA. Operations started small when the Hall family began making and selling saltwater taffy on the local fair circuit. But as our product line grew from taffy, to brittle, to chocolates, and eventually to fudge, so did local demand. With a growing candy shop and a flourishing online store, Hall’s has become a nationwide family favorite, delighting many a sweet tooth!

With our Fundraising Program, we now invite you to be a part of it all! Join the sweetest movement and raise money for your cause, organization, or school in a delicious way. Our fundraising program is available year-round and allows you to sell our fudge, brittle, and chocolates – at sweet, discounted rates! Support a local, family-owned business, earn big profits, and achieve your fundraising goals in a rich way.

Ways to Fundraise

Virtual Fundraising

This virtual fundraising option is contact-free and paperless. Set up your free online shop, share the link with supporters, and we'll ship the orders.

  1. Set up your online shop
  2. Spread the word
  3. Let us ship directly to your supporters
  4. Sit back and enjoy the profits!

Get Started

Traditional Fundraising

A more traditional fundraising route, use our free forms to easily exceed your fundraising goals! People love Hall's treats, so they practically sell themselves.

  1. Get forms & take orders
  2. Purchase the candy
  3. Distribute the candy, keep the profit!

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chocolate covered oreos

Why Halls:

Meet your fundraising goals with Hall’s and savor the sweetness of supporting a local, family-owned and operated business. By fundraising with Hall’s, you’re not only able to shop small, but you’re also able to deliver quality and delicious flavor with every bite:

  1. Handmade, hand-dipped, and hand-packaged candies
  2. Assorted flavors
  3. Premium ingredients
  4. Made in small batches
  5. Wonderful customer service

Profits and Benefits

Earn up to 50% profits** through the framework below and receive free shipping to a single address! With only a $250 sales minimum, you’re sure to achieve profits in a sweet way!*

Additionally, we’ve discounted the prices of our Fundraising candies by up to 15% from retail price to incentivize more fundraising sales. With this added customer value, your fundraising efforts are sure to be well-received by your community – not to mention the added benefit of shopping small and supporting a locally owned and operated business!
Take-Home Profits Sales Total
25% $250 - $999
35% $1,000 - $4,999
50% $5,000 or more

*Fundraiser pricing requires qualifying purchase of $250 or more. Order minimum threshold based on Fundraising Prices of purchased qualified items in total. Additional profits do not apply to gift cards or when shipping to multiple addresses.

**Our service area for Traditional Fundraising includes a 50-mile radius from our Manufacturing Facility located in Gillett, PA, including but not limited to Elmira, Ithaca, Watkins Glen, and Wellsboro. Traditional fundraisers conducted outside of the designated service area will still receive FREE shipping to a single address, and their orders will be packaged by classroom per grade. However, they are subject to different Profits and Benefits to offset shipping costs. Please see FAQs for details.